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Conlang Links Fanfic

Conlang Links

Model Languages and the Art of Language Making
you can pretty much find everything in the conlang world through this site

The Language Construction Kit
the conlanging basics

My Favorite Links

Project Gutenberg
if a book is no longer under copyright you can probably find it here

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
the entire AHD (fourth edition), including appendices
if you've been using Random House or Webster's it's because you don't know any better, and I feel sorry for you

The Advertising Slogan Generator
it makes me smile

Miscellaneous Links

Play MASH Online
everyone likes MASH

photographs and essays

a blog site

a virtual world site for kids

Firefly Links

Compromising Positions
a consortium of fanfic writers and artists

screen captures

Can't Take the Sky
screen captures

Troublesome Little Nook
my fanfic

Bright Shiny Objects
multi-fandom recs, including Firefly

The Cortex

Naughty Space Pirates
there's nothing there, but you have to love the name

Phil's Corner of the Verse
fanvids and more

Rutting Town Hall
a discussion list of romantic and intimate relationships on Firefly.

a discussion list for Firefly and related topics

Whoa. Good Myth.
transcripts and more

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