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Lesson 1: Phonology

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The Inalasahlit Eled alphabet is, of course, not a Roman alphabet. This merely represents how best to render words in Inalasahlit Eled using a Roman alphabet and a standard keyboard. I am not a linguist. Some things here may seem ludicrously wrong, but this is the best I can do at this time.

Some tips:

1) Where "as in English" is written, assume that the pronunciation indicated is the most common English one. For example, "t" is pronounced as in "tot" not as in "abbreviation."
2) In English "w" sometimes functions as a semi-vowel, altering the pronunciation of the vowel which precedes it. For example, in the word "hew." In Inalasahlit Eled "w" does not function as a semi-vowel and, in fact, can only appear at the beginning of a syllable and never at the end.
3) Inalasahlit Eled is essentially pronounced phonetically, however, regional pronunciations of certain vowel sounds varies.
a) ah: pronunciation encompasses IPA (a:) and (o:)
b) schwa: used both for the IPA vowel (^) and for unstressed vowels (..), which in many languages end up with a similar "half-pronunciation" (for example, in English—Rom(..)n, repr(..)sents). Because I don't actually know how to render a schwa in html, just mentally add one when you see a double period.
c) (..)r: pronunciation as IPA (u..r).
d) When more than one pronunciation is listed, either is acceptable.

â pay, raid, jade l as in English
aa apple, pat, banner m as in English
ah ostrich, Austria, paw, pot, father n as in English
ao owl, out, vowel o toe, low, sew
b as in English p as in English
d as in English r as in English (American)
dh then, father s as in English
ê free, sea, anemone sh as in English
eh pet, elf, emerald t as in English
.. monkey, circus, cartography th thin, truth
f as in English u boot, fruit, lute
g game, gander, goose v as in English
î lie, ironic, item w as in English
ih pit, energetic, lift z as in English
j as in English zh vision, azure, Jean-Luc, beige
k as in English

Other Considerations:

An "r" following a vowel alters its pronunciation.
ar: mark, shark, Arthur
aor: hour, power
er: care, air, bear
ir: ear, deer, pier
or: warm, born, mourn
..r: urge, term, firm, word, heard, murmur, liver, tumor, Douglas fir

"ih" and "eh" are written as "i" and "e" unless they fall at the end of a word.

Some English words written phonetically using Inalasahlit Eled phonology:
mouse maos
family faam..lê or faamlê
light lît
daughter daht..r

Interested in making your own conlang? For places to find information, see my links page.

2) Word Formation
3) Nouns
4) Verbs
5) Sentence Structure
6) Roots
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